Champions league – What just happened ?!?

Gameweek 38 deadline is in just a few days, but no one matters… (at least for tonight) What we all witness last night and a night before is at the verge of science fiction. This is why we love football. There is no need to repeat last night events and remind us of glory scenes from Anfield and Johan Cruyff Arena.

But still, somehow I don’t feel like everything is in the right order…

From my point of view, there is a possibility for football to go in the next phase, something just like in Marvel Cinematic Universe. [Sooooryyy, Spoiler alert !!]

I don’t know what will happen in the future for the European football but the possibility of two European finals with all four Premier League teams (Liverpool – Tottenham, Arsenal – Chelsea) is generaly a not good sign for football. It freakes me out, however. It looks like that only few: Bayern Munchen, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus, etc., can follow Premier League teams. All this clubs don’t have a necessary competition in their own national championships. No one will be interested in watching national championship just to see how Bayern Munchen won the title with 20 or 30 points advantage, or Juventus for example…

A couple years back, RB Leipzig challenged Bayern for the title but they were persecuted by the press for allowing the foreign private capital to take the club to the next level. I was wondering what was Bayern Munchen doing for the league for couple of decades! When someone else challenge them for the title, they simply buy one or two key player from them… along the way… Of course, this is my opinion like a sports and football fan.

The big money is on the island. I’ll just remind you that we didn’t mention Manchester City which leave us with possible five clubs from Premier League at the top of Europe. Sports and TV rights income for the Premier League teams is enormous! Even mid range Premier League teams can afford to buy a player for 30-40 mil €. It is inevitable for the big clubs across the Europe to form a unique league of his own. It is the only way to maintain a balance sheet stable with such players that can allow them to compete with Premier League teams. But this road will destroy their national championship and leave them at the amateur level. I will be monitoring closely next window transfer. I’m very interested how many Euros Premier League teams will spent this summer for new signings.

In Europe, it is not wrong to say that the football is the most important thing and allowing entering foreign capital in such a volume it will definitely change and reshape the frontiers…

But, that is what we want, is it?? Will Athletic Bilbao ever win a title again? I suppose not… Leicester City is probably the last fairytail in modern football. For that, and a couple of other things, I am cheering for Valencia C.F. tonight. Of course that Valencia is a big club too, but I am cheering against the odds. Football we love and we love things saying anything is possible, so in football as in real life!

Vamooos Los Che!!!

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